Posted by: Olgen K. Ifti | January 8, 2011

Horoscope for 2011- News Shore

Horoscope: A look at
the year ahead 2011 


the new moon solar eclipse on Jan. 4 as the true start of the New
Year.This event-generating solar eclipse (in Capricorn)
will accelerate present circumstances. It is strongly influencing
Canada’s chart in terms of politics (as are the eclipses later in
the year, most notably June 1, 15, July 1 and Nov. 24.) In addition
to the shuffling within B.C. politics, a federal election is

Eclipses are flint for the unexpected,
both out there in the world and within our private lives too. Watch
for a significant restructuring of reality to occur in the
immediacy of the here and now, and/or to extend at an intensified
pitch over the next three to six months. The hinging moment may be
critical and confronting, but know also that it could not be more
opportune. Do not be afraid of tomorrow and your reinvented future.
Welcome it with all that you can to contribute to it. It is your
best bet — and as a collective, it is the only place to pin our
hope, faith, money and ambitions.

World economics
will continue as an uncertain landscape, but the outlook for the
year ahead is brighter than in recent years past. Courage is the
best bridge to the future. To deny or resist what is coming down
the track will prove to be wasted energy — and an impossible (and
irrational) stance.

This advice is for
politicians and individuals alike. You can choose one of two
options: take action and create the necessary change, or wait for
destiny to swoop in and set your new dial. Ideally, synchronizing
with the building momentum is your best bet. Jupiter and Uranus
provide exceptional potential for the taking. They favour brave new
initiatives, especially late January through mid-March, and again
late April through mid-May.

Keep watch for the
trio of summer eclipses, June 1, 15, and July 1, for another
saturated and eventful few weeks. Note Canada’s birthday falls on a
solar eclipse, suggesting a critically shaping moment for our

Jupiter’s advance into Taurus, June 4 to
June of 2012, bodes well for financial growth or added
profitability; a rise of interest rates is possible

For those that like to plan ahead, there are
three Mercury retrograde (Murphy’s law) cycles to note: March 30 to
April 23 (Aries); Aug. 2 to 26 (Virgo/Leo) and Nov. 23 to Dec. 13

– ARIES (March 21 – April

The adventure called life is about to set you
on a new course and it could be a radical departure. The
revolutionizing impact of Uranus in Aries (a once-in-a-lifetime
occurrence) will be especially evident for those born March 21 to
25. Jupiter, the abundance and expansion planet will zip through
Aries Jan. 22 to June 4. Both these “be-here-now” planets call for
you to be open to anything and everything goes. Light a bonfire, or
watch for synchronicity to do it for you. It is a time for
risk-taking and for living-it-large. Use Jupiter in Aries (January
to May) to initiate, re-invent or expand, and watch for fruitful
Jupiter in Taurus (June 4 through mid-June 2012) to deliver the
desired goods. Material, career and relationship prospects are on
an improvement curve. The year ahead can increase opportunity to
travel, relocate, perform, educate or get educated, publish or
broadcast, broaden markets and gain public

TAURUS (April 20 – May

The choices you make in the first few months
of 2011 are critically shaping to your long-range future. Your
confidence can be well placed, but know that as you step forward
you will have to sharpen your awareness. Stay creative and think
outside of the box so that you can take full advantage of the
moment. Rely on your intuition more. If you can take directive when
your inner voice speaks, you will find that you will automatically
choose the best, most generating of options. Mid-February and
mid-March deliver threshold crossing peaks. Break new ground for
yourself January through May, and substantial benefit will follow.
Jupiter in Taurus (June 4 through June 2012) can find you well
situated career-wise and materially, and thriving emotionally and
physically. Note, it can also find you on a weight gain, so make
sure to stay physically active.

– GEMINI (May 21
– June 21)

2011 is an animating year; in fact,
March through August of 2012 features your sign. Huge growth is on
the agenda, and you are likely to find life takes a significant
departure from what has come before. The next 18 months will help
you to open up to new dimensions of yourself and to your world and
the people in it in some significantly new way. It is a peak time
to explore a new way of living with yourself, which includes
establishing new relationship formulas (social, professional,
personal), new ambitions and goal-setting. Overall, you should find
that progress feels natural, welcomed well timed (and well deserved
too!). Jupiter’s quick race through Aries (Jan. 22 to June 4) is
the time for fresh starts and introductory phases. Reach out,
network, explore, socialize, engage, experiment. By June forward,
you should see that you have laid a worthy foundation from which to

– CANCER (June 22 – July

The “corner turned” Solar Eclipse on Jan. 4
is particularly dynamic for those born between July 3 and July 5.
With encouraging support from Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, this
eclipse can be suggestive of opportunity and luck, perhaps beyond
projections and expectations. You could find yourself unexpectedly
liberated or set free. A financial or romantic windfall is possible
for some. It can also suggest that things can’t be down-played or
covered up. The advances of both Jupiter (Jan. 22 to June 4) and
Uranus into Aries (starting March 11) signal major new initiatives
regarding your professional, personal, parental and material
status, especially for those born between June 22 and June 25. New
responsibilities, pressures and challenges are to be expected in
this major reformatting period, but even if you felt stripped bare
or stripped down earlier in the year, Jupiter in Taurus (beginning
in June) should provide you with ample to work with, to live for
and to aspire toward.

– LEO (July 23 – Aug.

You can look forward to the revitalizing
advances of Jupiter and Uranus into Aries to light good fires where
you will both appreciate and gain the most (i.e. job, material or
educational ambitions, relationship and health-wise). Late January
through most of February, mid-March, and end of April to mid-May
are optimum for new or renewed initiatives: migrate, risk, expand,
create, seek, publish, perform, broadcast or romance it to the
hilt. June forward, it’s time to settle into the groove and expand
it from there.

The three summer eclipses (June 1,
July 15, July 1) should prove to be positive catalysts regarding
contracts, publishing, solidifying relationships, marriage, new
goal-setting or reaching, travel and educational ambitions. Mercury
retrograde in Leo Aug. 8 to 26 can put you on a temporary
backtrack, but Mars in Leo (mid-September to mid-November) should
find you making great strides again.

(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Don’t angst, act instead.
Ambition serves you best. Holding sway now and over the first three
to six months of the year, the time-is-ripe Jan. 4 solar eclipse
can be empowering. Take control and get yourself back on track. Yes
you can — and better and faster than you anticipate. This eclipse
is one that can help you to gain the respect and acknowledgement
you feel you deserve. January through June is a highly opportune
time to move it forward re career, creative projects, or
entrepreneurial activities. It is also a time to redefine your
relationship parameters, or to let your fan club or kids know who
is boss. Jupiter’s advance into Taurus (June 4 through June 2012)
is a solidifying, confirming, and securing influence. You can
expect to feel more sure-footed and more rewarded as this year
advances to a close. November onward, you’ll also pick up a lot
more steam.

– LIBRA (Sept. 22 – Oct.

Coming to the end of the road, facing tough
steps forward and reconciling with what was, what is and what must
be, those born Oct. 3 to 10 will feel the pressure of Saturn’s tour
through Libra most strongly, but of course we all feel the pinch.
When Saturn animates, it matures the moment. Simultaneous to this
significant closure and completion cycle, a new foundation is
built. Saturn’s influence can feel physical and emotionally
depleting, draining and exhausting, so try to pace yourself with
rest and sleep as best you can. The advances of Jupiter and Uranus
into Aries suggest it is a time to show a new side of yourself to
the world and to try new relationships on for size. January to June
delivers an introductory or exploratory phase. This is the time to
roll the dice. June forward is the time to invest, increase and
reap, especially regarding family, real estate and

– SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov.

The start of the year is wonderfully
opportune, so don’t waste a moment — dive in full tilt. Through
March 10, Uranus in Pisces will continues to keep it fresh and
exciting, especially so for those born Nov. 20 to Nov. 22. Watch
for evidence of destiny’s hand at play regarding romance, child
rearing, career and creative endeavours. Chiron’s advance into
Pisces, beginning Feb. 8 (through 2018) can provide exceptional
potentials of a highly karmic nature, especially for those born
Oct. 23 to Oct. 29. Increased popularity, acclaim and public
attention can come your way; fame is on the docket for some. You
certainly won’t run out of ideas or options. This year’s growth
curve is a prosperous one. Jupiter in Aries (Jan. 24 to June 4) can
find you well occupied with a new job, project, pet, health regime,
study or agenda. Your ability to relate, communicate and negotiate
is enhanced from June forward. Admiration and reputation can grow
beautifully too.

– SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 – Dec.

Another exceptional break-out or break-free
year is about to get underway. Liberating Uranus into Aries will be
felt strongest by those born Nov. 22 to Nov. 26, but all of you
will feel boosted by Jupiter flying through passionate Aries (Jan.
22 to June 4). Watch for your love life, career and creativity to
be set on fire. If it isn’t happening for you, and it likely is, it
can be a happening time for your children instead. Health can take
a major step forward too, or require more focused attention. Both
Uranus and Jupiter are vibrant, unleashing, inspiring, exciting,
opportune and reinventing. Nothing is small, you’ll live it large.
Perhaps on the cutting edge or razor’s edge too, especially January
to June. Welcome your new lifestyle, it’s here to stay. You are
just at the beginning of so much more to come. March through August
of 2012 ushers you through a karmic peak and defines your future

– CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan.

The year ahead is front-loaded. In fact, the
start of your new year can be catapulting, perhaps in some
unexpected way. This will be especially so for those born between
Jan. 3 and Jan. 5. Blocks or walls can suddenly disintegrate; in
their place, a new opportunity could suddenly appear.

eclipse could affect you indirectly too, the
happenings of others can have a significant fallout effect on what
shapes up for you next, now or in the coming months. The later
portion of March takes you over a peak professional or personal
life threshold. That includes business, real estate, home and
family matters too. You should find enhancing Jupiter in Taurus,
June 4 through June 2012, placing you onto a solid plateau. This
influence is securing, and affirming regarding journeys of the
heart and the wallet, and should make you feel glad for the steps
and choices you have already undertaken.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Keep alert for
opportunity and for evidence of destiny’s handiwork. There is more
brewing than you may fully realize. Off with the old, on with the
new in a snap, Ceres (Jan. 3 to March 22) and Mars (Jan. 15 to Feb.
22) in Aquarius are likely to get your life moving at an
accelerated pace. New things to try, new places to be, new people
to meet, Uranus in Aries is especially energizing for those born
Jan. 20 to Jan. 24. Jupiter in Aries (Jan. 22 to June 4) is
opportune for travel, explorations and sales, for broadening your
social sphere, educating yourself, and for putting yourself out
there in some new way. Jupiter’s advance into Taurus (June 4
through June 2012) delivers a time to drop anchor, settle in and to
put maximum attention toward building a more secure and consistent
foundation. Business and real estate investments can increase
substantially. Make sure family get your best — and gift yourself
with quality time too.

– PISCES (Feb. 19 – March

Both Jupiter (Jan. 22) and Uranus (March 11)
will move out of your sign, but you will continue to grow and gain
through their endowments. You’ll see that life’s opportunities open
much wider now. Ample resources, resourcefulness and resilience are
your wellspring. You are in a vibrant reinvention and rediscovery
cycle. It is a sharp departure from recent tough years and it is
likely that you’ll relish the new program wholeheartedly. Jupiter
in Taurus (June 4 through June 2012) can boost creative output and
friendship, sibling or client bonds. The rare transits of Chiron
(Feb. 8 to 2019, occurring every 50 years) and Neptune, your ruler,
(June 3 to 2026, occurring every 164 years) advancing into Pisces,
position you at a coming-into-your-own threshold. Make no mistake
about it: the evolving moment is a profound one, both for your
personal growth in the here and now, and also for your soul’s
larger picture agenda.

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